Saturday, December 24, 2005

King Kong

Watched king kong on friday .. it was too good .. liked it very much ..
never felt it was 3 hours ..

The old new york fascinated me .. the fighter planes and the well lit streets and the taxis ..
hats off to the director of the lord of the rings (cant remember his name -- Peter Jackson found from IMDB)..
the trampling by the dinosaurs .. and the guerilla was so real ..
i enjoyed every bit of it .. i liked the negative and practical role of jack black (carl - the director)..The last stmt of Carl "beast is killed by the beauty" sounded very different to me ..

We planned to watch the movie on friday during the start of the week .. on friday i checked the net and found that it was in Rio 2 (Rio is one of the multi screen theatres in limassol) ..
we saw teh tickets and they were for the show in Rio 1 .. Rio 1 was showing the Narnia movie .. there was some amount of confusion .. i was ready to watch Narnia as well .. but others were little hesitating .. so we checked and it indeed was king kong .. the 10:00 pm show was in Rio 1.. but by the time we entered the hall/screen .. it was full as it was friday weekend and also king kong's first week in limassol.. we were 11 and we got some seats in fifth or sixth row close to the screen .. so we split .. and sat at different places and watched the movie..

when have i watched movies very close to screen ?
I remember watching the harry potter movie in vancouver from the first/second row .. one more time i was so close while i was in college .. for some telugu movie of venkatesh .. too many people ..

the narnia - next week ..

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