Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The tip of cyprus

After reading my previous post myself .. i think i have to improve my writing skills ..
i thought it was already a long post .. i want to narrate these as they happened .. so they tend to be more long .. i wanted to write more though but thought the reader would doze off :-) ..

i missed to write about the tip itself ...
We come through the highway till the monastery of Agia .. (something) .. From there the road is not so good .. but ok .. Around 2 or 3 kms from teh tip , the tar road ends and mud road begins .. The tip is visible from here .. This location is still not developed and commercialized .. It is more close to nature ..

The road leading to the tip is a mud road. The tip is full of rocks .. water gushing all over and striking the rocks .. just the flags (turkish andover the rock .. we wanted to plant indian flag as well there .. it was a very beautiful location .. water and only water till the horizon .. i just sat for a while and listened to the waves ..
After the tip, there were two rocks in water (separated from mainland) .. These were two islands !! donno to which country these rocks belonged to - cyprus / turkey ?

The thing i like about cyprus is that it is a small calm cool country and hence distances are not so great and it has a lot variety to offer.

i will think twice before i start writing about my canada trip .. there is much to write about the place vancouver and canada .. that will be in some other post ..

coming to blogger html editor.. it is easy to use as long as you just type i guess.. i had a bad experience using the bold functionality .. i had to keep correcting the same errors as i saved my drafts .. it changes the html somehow .. need to check what it does ..
It needs to be improved.

I just made this post a future post ... i succeeded as well :-D

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DD said...

Oh CP.... Great going! The first thing I'm doing now is to include you in my blogroll list so that I donot forget to sneak peak your posts.