Tuesday, February 14, 2006

chat in gmail

currently i am in vancouver .. on site..

chat in gmail is a very nice thing..
The feature got activated in my personal a/c yesterday. i was excited . without leaving browser i can directly start chatting . nice huh .. but also i need to put status messages appropriately ..
otherwise may be i will use the "sign out of chat" when i will be reading mail but dont/cant chat ..

When you have waiting chat messages .. instead of tab highlighting .. the title text changes so that you know somebody has typed something .. it is a cool simple interface .. no hifi stuff ..
automatic archiving and instantly searchable .. you dont need to store on disk .. it is too cool ..

pending .. writeup abt amsterdam .. travel to vancouver ..


DD said...

hey CP, really nice! And you know wat i liked about it more.. the Smiliey bit... it transforms from your typed letter... it's really cool!

Skely said...

so who was your valentine @ vanco...

Prakash Swaminathan said...

no valentine .. :-( ..
i went to office and worked and came back and ate and slept .. a very usual day ..(rather very unusual valentine day).. i should say..