Saturday, April 08, 2006

Back in Cyprus

Attended the long sessions in toronto .. made presentations .. captured gaps/requirements .. it was nice talking to different people ...

met with prasuj after a gap of 1.5 years .. was nice meeting up and got some product knowledge on oracle .. lots of things have changed since i left oracle .. and people have changed in OD .. only debu is left in the original OD west team .. every one else is new ..
met tanveer , his wife and kid ..

used different means of transport in toronto .. taxi , subway ,missisauga transit , then the short route of GO bus in toronto ..

saw "V for Vendetta" in imax -- a little more .. not everybody will like it .. more violence .. it was very nice .. a different way .. british english accent is always a pleasure to hear ..

what else .. started in toronto on thursday ..
toronto -> vancouver ->Amsterdam -> Paphos -> Larnaca ..
after the long reverse trip .. arrived safely in cyprus .. back .. cool..


Skely said...

dude, what did you on april 1st?
It was a pity that i couldn't fool you that day..

Prakash Swaminathan said...

flew from vancouver to toronto..
why is it a pity ??