Saturday, April 15, 2006

Networked games ..

sometime back sarath talked to me about playing network games .. i was always interested in it .. he put it in action ..
after coming back from canada, yesterday i joined as well.. we played half life (counter strike) , quake 3 and nfs 5 .. it was fun .. lot of action ..
need to see how it goes .. 6 wireless networked laptops ..

we had initial hiccups with counter strike .. we had bots automatically being added up as per the podbots.cfg .. so the 8 slots were filled by bots .. so disabled it and disable the follow up as well .. then we were able to start counter strike .. then got going .. initially it was four of us ..
two terrorists and two counter terrorists .. we killed the terrorists many a time .. we discovered the planted bomb .. but never knew how to disarm it (suppose to pick it up) .. we just stood and the bomb blew :-D

no infinite weapons to pickup like quake 3 ... we had to buy stuff .. then wanted some blood bath .. so started quake 3 ..
lots of frags .. i was somewhere middle in the order .. i was not standing like i used to do while in oracle training and also was not waiting for others hiding .. i went out and killed .. only problem was i could not turn around and shoot .. before that i was dead .. i was fragged a lot .. it went on ..

then we had two more friends joining us .. then we had some kfc chicken hot wings .. nice spciy dinner .. then we went for speed ..
nfs 5 .. played lot of tracks .. car got tumbled many a time .. crazily turning .. some cars turned a lot .. it was exciting .. there was network connectivity issues .. the wireless lan could not take 6 laptops all hooked (pc to pc - no router) .. half the race , we all used to get disconnected .. only the host used to complete the race .. more races .. then we decided to close for the day ..

looking forward to the next games session ..

all this on the new year day .. Happy New Year
இநிய புத்தாண்டு நல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்


Gandhi said...

cool man! remembered the days when we used to play Quake and AOE! it was fun! :)

Prakash Swaminathan said...

It was lot of fun da.. :-) yesterday did stir up some memories ..