Sunday, May 07, 2006

Am 25

I have not updated the blog for close to three weeks now.

We have moved to a new house and no internet connection .. we are moving to a new provider .. so it will take us a month to get our connection and be back on internet .. currently using a dialup ..

Life is going on as usual in cyprus ..

Interesting thing happening in india is it is marriage season now .. Lots of friends are getting married .. that is the news from india.. swapna , vb, vamsi , prasuj , vikram , koti , manikishore , dd , majid .. the list is growing ..

I am 25 now .. had a calm , nice birthday ..

How often do you go to movie and find that you are one of the three people sitting and watching "V for vendetta" .. it happened yesterday night in cyprus .. we in india are only used to housefull experiences .. i had 12 and 50 people watching a movie .. that was my low till now .. nothing below .. waiting for the experience of having a screening of movie all for myself :-)


Vijay Gandhi said...

looks like somebody is interested in getting married ;-)

me n my roomies went for ice age 2 weeks back..we 3 were the only ppl in the theater :)

may you get married soon ;)

Prakash Swaminathan said...

am just happy and excited that many of my friends are getting married .. time has not yet come for me to get married .. let us see..


Skely said...

dei, allayadhe.. soon you will get married..
Moved to a new house?? Same roomies??

Prakash Swaminathan said...

new house .. same roomies..
that does not change :-)

DD said...

Oh ho.... me too second Gandhi! All the very best CPda... tera number aayega! :)

DD said...

Hey CPda, enna romba busy ayittiya? updates-e kaanom! :)

vikesh said...

have you decided not to blog after 25?