Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cooking while Chatting

These days i am coming home early (as project is cool .. no hard deadlines) and chatting/browsing or watching movies . Actually my cooking habits have changed after i came back from 2 month on-site trip to canada .. I have become more lazy and I cook may be once or twice or max thrice a week. I never sleep on an empty stomach. No upavasams.

So yesterday as usual i came home early. I wanted to make Cabbage + Potato fry. So i cut the vegetables and onions and tomatoes and ... and started to fry. Added some water and then thought let it cook. I booted my laptop and logged into meebo and was reading blogs. I was sitting in my sofa with the laptop in my lap and with the table fan by my side. I saw Ahilan online and started to chat with him. I did not listen any sound from my kitchen as i was shielded by my fan's sound. We continued chatting and then i smelt something. some kind of burning .. oops !! i ran to the kitchen and found that the curry has stuck to the pan and is burning. I switched on the exhaust and Switched the pan and then transferred the contents to it and added some water and then switched on the burner. Then i came back and back to chatting. Sarath also came online and we started to chat. I chatted for a while. Again i started to smell something .. What am i doing ? i ran into the kitchen and it was burnt. I saw the curry and felt that it was cooked/burnt. No more cooking. I moved the sabji from pan to bowl. Put the pan in water. Two pans fully burnt in the bottom lying to be cleaned.

Now the best part .. Eating it. Let's try it. It will not be so bad. I said to myself and tasted it .. Something was missing .. i forgot to add salt and it was not good and it was hot due to chillies. It was burnt and not edible and it went into the bin and got disposed off today morning.

Hopefully i will give cooking full attention/concentration from now on .. let's see ..
May be i will keep a timer/alarm when something is being cooked and when i am doing something else..

It is ok once in a while and we should cook like this for a change !!


Saravanan said...

Dude the best thing to do is shift your laptop to kitchen while cooking, so you are in sync with whatever is happening :)

Prakash Swaminathan said...

yeah true .. but i cannot chat in kitchen .. not so comfy .. it is good to just listen to some songs or watch a video .. not continue regular browsing or chatting i guess .. will surely give it a try.