Saturday, August 05, 2006

Linux installed

I got my laptop in last august.. it is soon going to be one year old .. it was used mostly for entertainment and some technical stuff .. i thought of installing linux on my laptop long ago .. got the cds for suse 9.3 from asheesh and ever since they have been lying on the table :-) .. I used to run linux with vmware and .iso files (live CDs) and then burnt them and used as live CDs .. suse 9.3 and ubuntu ..

two weeks ago , i was doing some fixing on amit's laptop (he has fedora) . Getting xmms to work on his linux. I asked him to download suse 10.1 (not the enterprise one - will try it as well). just the normal suse 10 and started with the install last week ..

There were initial hiccups to get the iso file (3.5 GB) onto the DVD .. i tried MagicISO but the shareware version only allows to write upto 300MB files .. then finally got PowerISO trial version and it wrote fine and made a bootable dvd ..

initially i freed space of around 10 GB on my hard disk .. as everything was under windows , i re-partitioned it .. i made a few mistakes ..
suse started to compress my windows free space and install linux in it .. this happened bcoz all my free space was not part of extended partition and i had already eaten all my allowed four primary partitions (dell had three for restore , memory and something else) .. after a failed install , i realized the problem .. extended my extended partition to include the free 10 gb space and allocated space for linux on that .. then the installation was smooth .. just went fine ..

while it was installing , i watched "City of Angels" .. a nice movie ..

after i booted up ... everything came up fine , audio , video graphics , the ntfs support , .. just very smooth as expected ..
got both gnome and kde and bunch of stuff ..

wireless is the only problem .. the drivers needed some replacement .. ieee80211 and intel drivers need to be compiled and installed .. installed hotplug .. currently hotplug does not detect and return .. hence there is problem with the wireless... need to check on that ..

finally i have running linux on my laptop .. need to explore more ..
got my firefox extensions, and downloading patches/upgrades , need to get APT (like yum for redhat) , need to get vlc unofficial build to work , need to get the wireless stuff to work ..

it is good to be back on linux .. need to start working more on it ..


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