Thursday, September 14, 2006

bluffr - bluff

bluff used to be a very good pastime in college. we used to play till early morning. it was fun to bluff.
It is a card game. 3 or 4 pack of cards (depends on how many are playing) will be mixed and distributed to all the players. Generally we used to be around 7-10 people playing.
Somebody starts the game. It is how successfully you can bluff (convince others that you are saying the truth about your cards while you may be lying).
A player (A) places 'x' cards faced down and claims them to be 'x' say .. kings. The next player (B) can challenge it and ask to show the cards. If the cards turn out to be 'x' kings, then (B) gets all the cards. If not, (A) gets all the cards. Otherwise B can also place 'y' cards on top of 'x' cards and claim them to be 'y' kings. Each player can challenge or add more cards or can pass his turn. If everybody say pass, then the cards are moved out of the game. The winner is the one who first has no more cards left. The game can continue till only one player is left with cards.

blufr is an online game which is simple and played for fun/trivia and it is very addictive and all accompanied with learning and becoming more knowledgeable. blufr poses true/false trivia questions and challenges us. It is fun. Try it.

if you think you have a bluf which can bluf people, just go ahead and add it to blufr.

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