Sunday, September 10, 2006

Search: Google vs Yahoo

Today morning kalyan sent a mail asking if any body has the telugu song "jaya jaya jaya priyabharata ...". This is a patriotic song. we used to listen it when we were young. I started to search for it in google. I was trying to find a audio of the song (the lyrics are available at many places). I found a result finally (rearranging/joining words, switching language to telugu). I also found that the movie "rakhshakudu" has the song also but as the name did not quite match and as i have not seen the movie, i ignored the link. but later it turned out to be the best quality audio available on the net.

I searched for the song for quite sometime. I tried yahoo search and msn search as well. Yahoo was more close and provided some results which google did not. It was interesting. MSN results were ok. Nothing new was added.

Later i started to think, when was the last time i used Yahoo to perform search. I dont know when. Google is and has been and will be (i think) my default search engine. The search on the internet has become synonymous with google. You will keep listening the phrase - "google for it". I have never heard "yahoo for it" or something like that.

When i look/search for information, i use Google and wikipedia. For movies, i use IMDB. All these accessed from cool search engines feature in firefox. Google came as the default search engine in firefox and it has been there ever since. Recently google struck a deal with Dell to make Google the default search engine in the computers/laptops which dell will manufacture.

If you wish to compare google and yahoo search results, click here.

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