Saturday, September 09, 2006

Summer is coming to an end !!

As summer draws to an end, we had our annual end of summer party yesterday. As usual, lots of gala and fun. This has been the best of the three summer parties i have attended.

The day we landed in cyprus we were invited to the end of summer party which was happening the same day. So as soon as we landed, we were treated to a grand party with a dance group performance and also very nice fireworks. Time passed and on 11th i will be completing two years in cyprus.

Yesterday the venue for the party was a club. This was different as we generally have it in a club/hotel with access to beach. It is also out of the city , around 15 kms from home , was closed , no access to beach. It is in a calm quite area. The one to welcome us at the club was the Bouncer with a nice smile.

Picked up some starters and waited for my drink while my center head made his speech. Generally i listen to it .. this time i was waiting for my drink when he started the speech and was still waiting when he ended as well !! hence i did not listen anything ..

The social club organized some events and the best one was a ramp walk kind of thing for all the managers. It was nice , a cypriot dressed as a punjabi , a israeli woman in a saree and another in chudidaar kicking it off with lamps and welcoming in traditional indian style .. my manager (nandita) in a typical cypriot dress .. then there followed players - basket ball , tennis , cricketers .. then came musicians - rock , jazz .. then there were the cool guys who were smoking marijuana away .. then there were the don (rajini style) with matrix music in background .. the mexican style couple partying in a beach to latin tunes .. then finally came the center head as a cow boy firing with the music of muqqala song ..
The concept was very nice and was planned well .. truly multi cultural .. this is something i always like about my company ..

Then there was paper dance for the couples. As paper was being folded and size shrinking , people were carrying their spouses and were trying to dance. It was real fun cheering the couples.

then the dance floor was open .. as it was a closed kind of place (even though open air) , it was sweating .. so prady , puneeth and i went for a stroll .. got some fresh air and came back .. then the dance was fully on and we also joined in .. danced for over an hour with breaks and joining different groups of friends .. swaying to the music ..

It was time to go home and sleep. I had a real great time.

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