Sunday, March 11, 2007

Forbes Feeds and "Guru"

I subscribe to two feeds of forbes - most popular and most popular slideshows. They capture all kinds of statistics and come up with lists.

I came to know of certain facts that oprah and jk rowling are billionaires and that sergey and larry are the richest billionaire bachelors. Be it top travel destinations, or hotels or anything else , you will find a list of the top ones on forbes.

World's Richest People

Lakshmi Mittal , Mukesh and Anil Ambani are on the list too. Reliance market cap has grown after both the brothers split.

Last week i had watched "Guru", it was a nice movie. It was inspiring. Everybody had performed well and the music was nice. I respect Dhirubhai for the following -
1) building a huge global company Reliance
2) create collective money for everybody (all reliance shareholders will agree)
3) making the mobile communication affordable in india
All this despite the fact that he was a very shrewd businessman and he did resort to unethical means of business sometimes.

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