Sunday, May 13, 2007

SMS from Lukas

On friday evening, i got an sms from a number not in my phone book.

I am putting the sms conversation which happened between me and Unknown (Lukas).

Unkown: Privet,How are you alla ? Lukas
me: who is this ?
Unknown: Lukas Nicosia
me: Hi Lukas. I don't know you. I dont recollect knowing you.
Lukas: I give you mobile nokia and sit yesterday with gabriel eat soup
(that guy was genuinely trying to make 'me' recollect)
me:I think you got a wrong number.

Not just on phones, we can get 'wrong number' on sms as well!

I called up the guy and told him that he got a wrong number. He apologised for the confusion.

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