Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hot Summer in cyprus

This time summer has been very hot in cyprus. We had anal kaattu (heat wave ?) at 8 AM in the morning. There were forest fires and cyprus got help from other countries to put it off. Due to the hot summer, the demand for electricity went up and we had power cuts as well.

Now the weather is becoming more pleasant and summer is also coming to a close.

My body also took the beating. I had been not working out regularly for three weeks due to work pressure. Then on one fine saturday morning, i got enthused to start back. Raj (a colleague of mine) and i went to the gym around 12 AM. I did not have any breakfast just had a glass of water as i woke up late.

Went to the gym and started with the treadmill. After brisk walking at 6.5 kmph and running for 10 minutes, was sweating like crazy. Then drank some water and did two abdomen excercises. Next i started with excercises for upper back. I was into the second set and i started to feel dizzy. I stopped and sat on a table. I felt dizzy and Raj helped me to get upstairs to the washroom.

On reaching upstairs, i just fell unable to walk further :-). Then the whole world was moving around .. I was kind of losing consciousness .. Raj went down to call another guy who was exercising and carry me down and then to home/hospital. But by the time he came back upstairs, i regained my consciousness and was back awake. Those two minutes i did not know anything that was happening around me. I was fine.

Slowly i walked down and we went home. So heat,exhaustion and dehydration all produced the effect. Lesson learnt is to drink good amount of water and not to get too exhausted.


Vijay Gandhi said...

take care dude..its better to eat something and go for workouts..

Prakash Swaminathan said...

sure i will.. i generally do eat .. but i skipped that day .. thought that it wud be fine .. but i was wrong ..

Sri Raja Sekhar said...

dude, that was for a minute and you scared me to hell...anyway...take care n listen to your body when work out...u can push its limits but that is when it feels good... :)