Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What's happening

I just completed a delivery to customer last friday. After spending 1.5 weekends in office, i finally managed to be on time for the delivery. I should do better to organize my 8-9 hours in office. I should not get dragged too much into helping others and random research which spoils the work schedule. Even after 5 years, i still struggle to prioritize stuff :-)

Any ways i am back to regular schedule. Left office at 6:30 PM today. Hopefully i will stick to it. My "To Write" draft in gmail is growing big. I will try to clean it up and eventually delete it.

In Cyprus, summer is dragging. It is still pretty hot. Even though we had our end of summer party over the weekend, it is not end of summer yet. It should be over soon.

I tasted Champagne and Red wine during the summer party. I did not like them. I expected them to be sweet (atleast red wine) but they were not. Atleast they did not leave a burning sensation in my throat like coffee liquor which i tasted back in january.

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