Sunday, January 06, 2008

Back to Cyprus

I am back to cyprus after a nice vacation at home followed by a business trip in pune (total two months). The time was long enough for me to get my driver's license. I got to catch up with lot of friends which i generally dont get to do. I flew with my parents to Pune and they saw me off to cyprus yesterday morning. They were in Pune with me for 10 days. It was nice to spend quality time with parents and it was also relaxing for them. We had a nice darshan in Shirdi and Narayanpur and Shani shignapur. As always my mom made real good food which i relished a lot.

Thanks to Prady, we were able to move around in and around Pune. He improved his driving skills. My father was impressed with his calm, tension free driving.

I caught up with Ora0107 (old oracle colleagues) and recw classmates. I met some of my intermediate friends after a very long gap. I met friends in hyderabad whom i could not meet during Harsha's wedding.

Overall it was a very nice and satisfying trip. I had nice time with family and friends.

Coming to the official end of it, i got acquainted with the new project i would be working on in Montreal. I did KT on it while learning to the folks in India center in Pune (in magarpatta). Initial three weeks were very hectic. Last two weeks was holiday season (christmas and new year) and it was bit relaxing.

Kishore's credit card came in handy as i booked all my air deccan flights via his card. The service and timing has improved since i last flew on Deccan (Sep-2004).

It is cold here in Cyprus. From tomorrow on, it is again back to office.

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