Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chettiar Wedding on screen

When i was in India last november, my mother told me about the movie "pirivom santhippom" and that the movie has a song which shows the happenings in a chettiar wedding (weddings in my community). The movie has a message on joint family system and the family is from the nattukkottai nagarathar chettiar community.

As we (my family) have stayed mostly away (in guntur) from devakottai (my native place), i did not attend many of the ceremonies/functions. I had been to 3-4 weddings (attending them in full as they happened in my house in devakottai and one of my uncle's (my mother's younger brother)) and some more in part (just attending them along with my grand father and have one of the palaharams served ). I did not know the rituals in detail and i vaguely remember them. I always used to wonder what each one of them were meant for. This movie was an opportunity to learn more and have a reference.

It was a nice movie to watch. Then i did some searching and found this link on the rituals and their explaination. I can always ask my mom if i am not sure of some ritual. The below is the video of the wedding ceremony from the movie.

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