Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Last attempt in Cyprus

I attempted one last time to get license in cyprus before i leave cyprus permanently. I was not fully feeling well. Hardly i was able to walk properly due to foot pain. Still i went to give the test. I did make mistakes and again i was failed. The examiner became a little emotional and said you have already attempted some times and i know it is hard but we have to be strict. I did not care much about the test - pass or fail was fine with me.

I was waiting for a long time for distant coming cars to enter a lane. The examiner said i was too slow. This was mistake # 1. Then we went to roundabout. I took the correct lane and was going. There was a lady in the behind who jumped lane and came into mine. The examiner said that i was to give her way. This was mistake # 2 even though i was abiding by the rules. Then he asked me to do parallel parking (last two attempts i failed in this). I did it perfectly fine. Cool. Then he took me to a narrow road and asked me to do 3 point turn. I tried and could not and attempted to do in five point turn. Then the front of the car hit the pavement. Grave mistake. Doomed. That was mistake # 3. He asked me to drive back to test center. He put some 1's in a sheet full of greek and explained my mistakes to me.

Good that i did not faint during the test due to my illness :-) Finally the curtain fell on my attempts to get a license in Cyprus. I started to drive very late in this country after almost two years of coming here and my 3 failed attempts to get a license.

I already have a license from India. so am now licensed to drive. Now i need to get license in Montreal. That is the next license challenge.


Skely said...

He He!!! Looks like one can get a license in Cyprus, only when no else is walking/driving on the road. :)

Prakash Swaminathan said...

not so .. if you dont make mistakes, you will get it easily .. but the examiners are really strict ..

shiva said...

hey dude! It's kinda comforting to know that someone fails too in these really strict driving tests )

I am in Vancouver, and failed the first test I took. I have the second one coming up next week. Btw, nice to know you are coming to canada.