Monday, April 21, 2008

Bye Bye Cyprus

Last few weeks in cyprus were hectic. I was working from home. My last date was fixed and things started to roll into action. But my leg was still recovering. My stomach was getting better. With the treats and the food in the treats, it again made itself heard - "Don't mess with me ! ". With the travel to montreal coming closer, my left leg was still in slight pain.

As i was still recovering from my leg pain, i could not enjoy the last few months in cyprus as i wanted to. I was mostly at home. I could not go to troodos to see the snow this winter.

I got a really memorable farewell from my team. I received very nice feedback. They suggested me to stick to timings in office and leave office early. I will try to implement that !! Asheesh (who sits next to me) even planned to get me tickets to go to troodos on a day trip as my team's farewell gift to complete my wish. :-) The farewell card was the best.

I did not feel much that i am leaving cyprus as a place. It is a practical relationship with Cyprus not an emotional one. It is a nice calm place where i would like to go back any time. It is a stress free and laid back life there. May be i am not attached as i did not make an effort to mingle with the local population. I felt bad about leaving few nice friends i made in cyprus.

I moved out of cyprus on 01-MAR. I dont know when i will be back there.

Adieu Cyprus.

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calyen said...

Have a good time in the new place, and have a speedy recovery !