Monday, June 16, 2008

Life in montreal

It has been over 3 months since i moved to montreal. I can say i am kind of settled now. I have the basic amenities - a place to live and rest (rented an aparment) , a means of conveyance (bought a toyota echo car) , a means of survival (started to cook in the apartment). Need to get some other nice to have stuff.

Work kept me busy during the past three months. I am having more personal time during the last few weeks during which i finally moved out to my apartment and started to live out of my place. Till then my colleagues Ravi Vidhani and Prashant Paliwal took real good care of me in their house. I was lazying around with work and not getting any personal stuff done. (as usual)

The time to settle down is totally different from cyprus and montreal. In cyprus, we got a fully furnished apartment. All you needed to buy was a car and you are fully settled to lead a normal life in cyprus. It is different here. You need to shop around here and get all stuff needed to set up the house. It is fun but also time consuming.

Weather has changed in montreal. All snow is gone and summer is finally here. Once in a while we do have showers or thunder storms but that is needed to chill it. It can get really hot here like in india.

I have started to explore the place - very little. I had been to mount royal and saw the city during the night and day from the top. Other than that drove to kingston and toronto. It was nice to meet some old amdocs colleagues after some time.

I went with some of my new friends (new colleagues) to toronto and niagara during the victoria day long weekend. We went to wonderland in toronto - there were nice thrilling rides. We could cover only one section of the park. I guess we would need two more trips to complete the rides in wonderland. Then we went to marineland in niagara falls - the free fall ride was really nice. You could see niagara falls from the top. We did it three or four times as there was no real bheed. It was fun. I will be headed soon to the amusement park in montreal - getting myself a season pass.
We went to Ottawa to see the tulips. There were many and it was nice. Lots of colors.

Also it is good to see your pay check come in every two weeks. Month seems to be long now :-)

Coming to food, you get all indian stuff here in montreal. I ate drumsticks after a long time here in canada. You get more stuff than in cyprus. You get everything here just that you pay in dollars. You have lot of indian restaurants around. I now go often to Jolee restaurant which is a sri lankan tamil restaurant. I ate kothu roti there. Really liked it. Very nice dosas. The sambhar taste keeps varying.

We went to saravana bhavan in toronto and really enjoyed the food. It just tastes so good as always. Nothing comparable. Awesome as always.

You have many temples in montreal. Some have the gopuram as well - like proper temple structures in india. There is pooja , aarthi. The same calmness exists here as well. We occasionally go to the temple.

The city is a vibrant one. You should go to downtown to really feel the vibe.

What else.. as always i am clicking with my camera and piling up the images in my hard disk. I will upload them some time soon (hopefully).

I am back in Ravi and Prashant's place and we cooked a lot and for lot today evening and now i am being called upon multiple times to come and have the dinner. So signing off this post now.

That's mostly the updates from my end here in montreal. Sorry blog, I will try to be more regular.


Skely said...

Dude,Good to know you are roaming around... Ensoy maaadi...

Shrijeet said...

I just casually looked into your blog and voilla!! a new post :)

Nice to read all the details, more so because I have been with you while you were dealing with stuff.

Even nicer to hear that finally you have some time to chill.

All my best wishes!! Hope to meet you sometime again.


vikesh raj said...

nice update since long time ...

Happy hacking ..