Sunday, August 17, 2008

Status update

Again i have not been keeping my blog updated.

After a flawless successful deployment of my last 5 months work, i am going little bit relaxed on my work load at office.

Life is moving on in montreal. Caught up with some movies. Hancock - just a time pass movie. Watched Wall-E - really really liked the pixar movie. The Dark Knight kept me excited all the movie but i dont think it deserves to be the top # 1 movie on IMDB. Mongol ended up to be a love story while we were expecting a war movie. Got to learn more about Genghis khan's life . The scenery was good though. Latest is Singh is Kinng , a OK comedy with not much sense in story. Atleast my visit to Egypt got refreshed. Never would the pharoahs have thought in their wildest imagination that Katrina Kaif and ... will come and dance a bollywood number on their grave.

Learnt a lesson - Never watch IMAX experience movie from the first few rows. We ended up little late (around 7 pm) for the 7 pm show. So we got to sit right in front of the big imax screen. A bullet shot from one end of the screen travels faster than you can move your head and see where it went on the other side of the screen. Also your neck starts to pain. The sound feels gibberish. The point to be taken is to reach the theatre half hour before and take your seat for movies which are going to be houseful.

Also went and met Kannan Krishnan (a prof. in univ. of montreal) here in montreal today. I was supposed to meet him around 4 months earlier. but today just happened to be the day. I went to his place and had a nice long warm chat about a lot of things. I look forward to meeting him and his family again sometime.

Joined gym again and after two days of hectic workout, letting the body to relax. Let's see how long i continue to go to gym this time - a week , couple , a month , couple ??

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