Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last swimming class

Today was the last class for the swimming beginner's course.  I still am gonna drown if thrown into a deep pool but will go down after a few kicks and few bubbles. Despite the very slow progress and low motivation due to that, we still kept going.  I have got better than when i joined. I kick more relaxed now than i began with. 

The instructor told me to continue kicking relaxed and more longer kicks not fast short ones that i currently do. Then i will move to do some breathing and then moving arms and then all of these in synchrony ..  to fultoo swimming. Not sure when that day is going to come :-D 

The last day at swimming was eventful. After the class and the shower, i come back to see my locker is locked by somebody else. We had to call the civic center people who came promptly and broke the lock with a cutter. Then i got my clothes and shoes which are for sure needed for the gusty winds which were waiting for us outside the civic center. 

Till advances in technology happen, i would be joining my beginner's swimming class next season as well :-)

Had an interesting thought on the way back. In future there will be programs which can be loaded to the brain (like in Matrix)  which give you the knowledge of swimming. All you need to know - keep kicking relaxed , longer kicks , breathing out , breathing in etc.. We capture all the information related to swimming from the best swimmer around and store it and be able to replicate it onto any brain. Everybody will be expert swimmers. 

Skiing was easy to learn. Swimming is not so easy to learn.  But liked the experience. I will continue to learn to swim. 

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