Friday, January 02, 2009

Todos: 2009

I generally dont make a resolutions or todo list every year. But i want to pen down this time and see how it goes. I will keep posted how the todos are progressing during the year.

I plan to do the following this year
- Being more in touch with friends
- Organize and upload pictures taken since beginning of 2005. This has been a long pending task and photos keep getting clicked and piling up.
- Organize my contact list into one central and keep it updated. I want to maintain a centralized one online.
- Learn Swimming and Ice skating
- Improve on skiing
- Improve in photography. Take good pics with DSLR.
- Back to active hacking
- Work more on andhramahabharatam and close it

Update: Added the missing ones.


calyen said...

good luck for your todolists and have a wonderful 2009!

btw, which SLR did you buy ?

Prakash Swaminathan said...

thanks ra .. ordered a canon xsi with 18-200 IS lens .. waiting for it to get shipped ..