Saturday, March 07, 2009

Back from vacation

I came back this week from a nice short three week vacation to India. Spent time with family, friends and had a good time. Travelled a lot - bangalore , chennai , tirupathi , devakottai and kumbakonam. The temperature variation was huge -20 to +27 when i left from montreal and +27 to -11 when i returned back. Most of the snow has melted since i left and not much of fresh snow.

I went by Emirates to bangalore. The new bangalore airport is nice and big. liked it though it is far from city and actually 90kms from hosur. The flight from JFK to dubai was almost full of indians. The journey on A380 was nice. It carries 800 passengers. It is spacious and the 13-14 hour journey on it did not feel so tiring. Surprisingly did not have much of jet lag this time when i returned back. Generally when going to a diff location, i dont have jet lag. But almost always i have jet lag for a week when i return back to my living place. It was different this time.

Back to regular routine in montreal.

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apmag said...

Still suffering from Jet lag? Hows everyone back home?

Any special reason for the visit?;)