Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Going to India

This has been a busy week after a nice party and barbeque got me into this new year.
Completing the pending work so that i can stay at peace in india without any calls ..

i am really very excited about my trip to india .. spending time with parents , meeting all friends .. it is going to be fun ..

DD's souvenier(s) and Bijesh's commandaria wine are on the way ..

by the way .. i am going to land in blore and then head the same night to sammelan get together at coorg .. i am having little cold and cough .. praying that i should not become sick after landing in india ..


VJ said...

some day this post will be in my blog! :-)

have a great time man!

DD said...

Hey CPda, welcome to India, ofcourse with the "DD's souvenier(s)"!! :D :D

Sujith Ramakrishnan said...

Don't worry macha... You won't be sick..

Just don't play any physical games.


Prakash Swaminathan said...

Vijay.. when you feel like taking a break .. visit india..

Suji.. am in india .. attended sammelan and met oracle friends with cold and cough .. it is ok now though.. in chennai right now..