Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In India

I reached india on 6th January. It was a nice and 3 flight journey back home .. liked it .. My parents and my younger brother came to pick me up from airport .. i was a little scared seeing the traffic in bangalore .. just a change from the organized traffic to multi lane traffic in bangalore .. the taxi (car) which we came by nearly missed three collisions.. thanks to the skilled driver we managed to reach home safely .. I guess everybody who drives in bangalore avoids an accident once a week or daily ??
i went to hosur and then i was back in bangalore to attend the sammelan meet .. we (group of 20) went to coorg over the weekend .. it was a nice trip .. coorg is a great place to be and 1 or 2 days is not enough for it .. Will write about sammelan in a later post ..
then came back on monday .. on tuesday before coming to chennai for pongal .. met with most of ora0107 (oracle employees) in bangalore .. i missed to meet sangi and swati ... they were far off close to airport road .. obviously i could not spend more time with many of them .. i need to plan some visits to bangalore once pongal is over in chennai ..
everybody is hoping to get a sip of bijesh's commandaria wine .. let us see how it goes ..
once in chennai , it has been all day with annan's daughter .. padmavathi .. she laughs, pulls hair on head and hands .. tries to produce music (rather sound) from every item .. just bang it against the floor :-) .. it is very nice to play with kids and watch their smiles and giggles .. went for some shopping ..
ok .. end of day .. time to sleep ..

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Vamsi Krishna said...

Yours is a no different NRI blog..
BTW , NRI is No Roads and Infrastructure :-)