Monday, March 13, 2006

House of Dosas

House of Dosas - the restaurant we found out just like that .. they serve dosas / parotta / idli / vada .. all south indian stuff .. the chef makes awesome dosas .. 32 varieties of dosas are served .. i have tried many .. still there are some more left :-) .. once a week ,sometimes more often, i end up here ..

He makes great parottas as well.. i like parotta served with gravy a lot .. it is an awesome combination .. try it sometime .. The parottas you get here are not quite like veechchu parotta which you can get in devakottai (my native place near karaikudi in tamil nadu) .. (i guess you get it in other places as well .. donno much ..) .. i like them here as well..

at the restaurant, i saw christina again .. The last time i saw her, she was just staring at me .. she did not utter a word .. this time , she was laughing / giggling and staring still .. this time she said something , i could not comprehend though .. it was more like a "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" sound .. she was constantly staring though.. she is just too lovely and adorable ..
cute little baby .. she was born on a special day 555 (fifth may two thousand five) .. till 2012 this will continue (111 till 12-12-12 ) .. Hi Christina , if you ever read this blog !!

I tried onion egg dosa and had vadai and tea .. the tea was just too good .. after a gret meal we (ravindra and i) came out and crossed over to the other side to catch the bus .. i saw a plaque of vancouver millenium portrait project ...

Portrait V2K marked the year 2000 by inviting people of all ages and cultures to share their stories and photographs about Vancouver's past, present and future. 230 Plaques and 10 Story Stones were placed at various locations throughout the City. This was one of them ..

it had a real life story .. i read thru it .. "A Surprise at Tom's Cafe" .. so nice people ..

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