Sunday, March 12, 2006


This time of the year there is lots of snow in vancouver. every body is happy that they are having a great season this year and also extending into spring .. last two seasons (two years), there was not much snow .. currently there is appr. 5 mts base in seymour (where i have my ski lessons) with 70 cms snow fall over the last week .. lots and lots of snow .. snow everywhere ..

i went for my fourth skiing class, a bright sunny day .. fresh snow .. powdery .. was very nice.. as it was powdery and fine , it was smooth and we were going down at good speed .. i had trouble with going up using the ropeway .. my skis went sideways .. fell off .. hurt myself .. have a swollen ankle due to that .. still paining .. will recover from it slowly this week .. the ropeway up gave me anxious moments though .. lots of people were falling ..

once while i came up using the ropeway, a lady was coming down and came right into me close to top and fell off .. she fell off and was between my two skis .. i could not move anywhere .. then finally she got off her skis and headed straight .. i started to slide backwards at once .. i thght am gonna crash bad .. went down few feet and then i managed to turn around and headed down .. it was crazy even though i managed ..

i am skiing lot better than i started off .. more confident .. not so tense .. only when i start to build up too much of speed and i cant control , i start looking down hill and shift of my body weight .. so cruise even faster and sometimes crash .. i crashed a lot of times on saturday .. i am improving .. more practise .. better pizzas (you make a pizza slice shape with your skis to stop) and turns ..

i am having lot of fun .. enjoying it completely .. let us see how it goes ..


Skely said...

your blog is like "Chennai Showers".. Either it is "completely dry" or "heavily poured with posts"...

enjoy maadi man, I am very envious of all you people who are enjoying this snow-fall..

the way you talk about small kids, looks like your marriage is next on the cards...

Gandhi said...

cool da! skiing aa...i tried it once, and found it difficult...but ya, practice is necessary to improve it..

all the best to you!

Prakash Swaminathan said...

skely, thanks .. you are kinda right .. very less posts in jan and feb .. last two weeks more active ..
no pattern when i have things to put down on blog and when i have time ..

i love kids :-) donno abt the marriage myself ..

gandhi,thanks .. all the best to you .. dont give up ..i heard lot of snow fall last weekend .. so go and enjoy ..

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