Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Is this Telus ?

Tring .. Tring ..
604 XXX XXXX calling ...
pick up the mobile and click the green phone button.
After a pause, i say "Hello". After two seconds (recovery from shock !!), i hear a voice which says "Is this Telus ?". I say "No. I think you have got a wrong number.". I hear "sorry. wrong number".
"Call Ended"

This is the conversation i am having these days 5-6 times a day (sometimes 10 calls a day).

I got a phone from my company for weekend support. I guess it is a telus mobility customer care number. People call and i guess except the greeting "Thank you for calling telus mobility" or something like that .. hence the initial gap of no voice for few seconds.

sometimes callers were direct .. they did not pause .. as soon as it got connected, i heard
"I want to get additional line. "
"cancel my subscription"
"i want to add a family member to my plan "

may be oneday i will answer as a customer care executive .. for fun ..
or play a prank with friend :-)

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