Sunday, April 02, 2006

In Toronto

In toronto for the next week for some business meetings ..
out of vancouver and in toronto now ..

the flight was made very pleasant by westjet , it is a low cost airline (like deccan , ryan air , ..) .. it has been very successful in canada and in service for 10 years now and has a very good customer service record .. there was warmth from every person from westjet i met .. they made the journey really nice ..

i got to see rockies from air .. wishing to go there sometime ..
clouds they seem to express a lot .. different sizes .. different shapes .. different ..
watching the sunset in the clouds ..
watching toronto in the night .. all well lit roads .. traffic moving ..
i always like any mode of travel .. bike , car , rail , bus , air plane .. you get to see so many things ...

while in taxi , the CN tower always stands out , tallest , .. it is just so nice to keep looking at it .. toronto downtown looks dazzling in teh night .. the financial district ..

while the flight was descending , also oracle building stands out (no buildings near by and you have ORACLE glowing on top) in missisauga (near toronto pearson airport) ..

WISH: take a private chopper , go on top of rockies or a very tall mountain .. get dropped .. wander around .. or may be ski down or climb down .. not dreaming of mount everest yet ..
donno when it will happen ..

reading blogs ..

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