Friday, March 10, 2006

Snow in Vancouver

Yesterday it snowed a lot in vancouver .. it does not snow too often in vancouver .. It is a pleasant weather place and not as cold toronto/montreal etc ..
Even if it does snow, it snows in jan/feb .. but not in march .. spring will be here very soon and trees will start to blossom and it will be all diff colors ..
but yesterday was special .. (DD what do u say ?) ..

When i woke up it was cloudy , the three mountains (seymour , grouse and cypress) visible from my room were behind the clouds .. It had not started to snow then .. when i was having breakfast i realized that it started to snow .. i was excited .. it was too good .. those white little things falling down .. i wanted to hold out my hand and feel it .. but here everywhere you live in glass boxes .. i felt it by myself and stood and enjoyed it while i caught a taxi to office and when i entered office ..

I enjoyed it a lot .. We (alok , colleague of mine and i ) went out to the park opposite telus building .. took some snaps .. You can check snaps on flickr (Look from the last photo to the first one ..)

In telus building from 17th floor , you can see an unobstructed (no buildings in between) .. you can just forget about work and just keep gazing at it .. it is just like that .. awesome view .. i will capture it and post it later .. i occasionally visit the floor .. take a break and then come back ..

by the way there was snow today as well for a short while in the morning ..


Gandhi said...

nice pictures da...
yep, it is nice to see snow..esp. snowing...
i just like to sit inside the house and watch it fall through the glass windows...hmm..i wish i had a fireplace :)...and wine...and a girl...hmm..would be very romantic :)

Prakash Swaminathan said...

yes .. romantic indeed it would be .. fire place .. two chairs .. with wine on table .. she and i facing each other .. with snow falling outside .. you can see via window .. is this your dream ?

Prakash Swaminathan said...

actually i always remember the picture of a wooden house with the kinda arrangement talked in my previous comments .. or a wooden house , snowing outside , day time just standing and see ti fall or .. imagine it in the night on top of a mountain .. it is just too cool..

gandhi said...

yeah, a dream which hopefully comes true :)