Saturday, September 23, 2006

8 years

Yesterday ligy asked to write in her slam book. Last time i wrote a slam book was when i was leaving college. After that all farewell messages were written either in e-mail or in greeting cards or on phone.

This week it has been 8 years i joined RECW. we reached college on 16th sep 1998. College started late after a late counselling. Finally the college was scheduled to start on 17th and classes from 21st sep 1998. We (vamsi, xavi and i) reached the college on 16th sept at kazipet rlwy station. Parents were with us and we entered college and reached the hostel buildings. There were seniors to take good care of us. They took real nice care of us from that day on !! The next day there was address by princi and the college magazine release was done by a student - Aarshi singh (classmate). i fell sick (not ragging sickness!) that evening and was taken to rohini hospital. I felt so nice about the seniors :-) . Seniors came to see me in room .. more curious - may be i was acting. It was funny as well, i had viral fever. So the temperature was on and off. so it added more to the suspicions and rumours. By the time i recovered and went back to classes, vamsi and i were little more famous. Anything you speak/utter will be by default used in ragging against you. so watch out !!

The four years (1998-2002) spent in recw with the friends is the best of times in my life.

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