Monday, October 09, 2006

Adventure rides

Yesterday (07-Oct-2006) i was in west edmonton mall. It used to be the largest mall in the world. Now asian malls have taken over it in terms of area and also number of visitors. It is very big. It has two hotels, galaxyland - adventure rides , waterpark, iceland, miniature 18 hole golf course in addition to over 600 stores and large food courts. Everything is indoor which is good for edmonton where it gets very cold. So when you have -30 or -40 temperature outside, you can still shop and have fun - take rides and slides. It is one big attraction in edmonton. Kids have lot of fun too at this place.

We (mranal and i) reached there around 2 pm. After some initial hesitation, i took a six month pass. So i really hope i will be back in edmonton soon. I have a lot of paisa vasooli to do from the pass :-). Need to play golf and waterpark and also do ice skating.

I took many of the rides there. Many of the rides were OK. rather my expectations were high. All the rides did not give me the required kick/thrill. Galaxy twister , Space shot and Galleon were ok rides. There are many rides for kids and you should see the excitement and fun they have on the rides. It is fun to be with kids on the rides there.

Then i took the solar flare. It was very good fun. I was in standing position and we were going in rounds around the sun while rotating (spinning) in motion - both rotation and revolution.

Then came the monster of all - mindbender. It was the best. It is a three loop (inversion) roller coaster. My neck got pushed away twice from the head rest and was hitting the sides. It was going too fast and inversions were very nice. Lot of adrenaline rush. It was an exhilerating experience. The kind of thing i expected to experience from a amusement park visit. Good i had it. I was experiencing 5.2g force while on it.

More about the rides in galaxyland

Today i started to read about roller coasters and their history. There are two roller coasters currently with 10 inversions in china and UK. I would like to try that.

The first amusement park i visited was Paramount's great america in april,2004. Pradeep (recw) and I tried many (almost all) of the rides there. Till then it was only giant wheel in india. It was a very nice and thrilling experience. vortex was one of the rides. This is also my current project name. Now i remember where i saw the my current project name.

Coming back to west edmonton mall, hopefully i will get some shopping done after having lots of fun.

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