Sunday, October 08, 2006

Can Plants smell ?

Some time back i was having a discussion with pradeep (colleague in amdocs) about being vegetarian vs non-vegetarian. I was arguing that as plants also have life, it is also equivalent to killing life as is in non-veg. pradeep's argument was that plants dont feel while they are being cut where as animals can feel it. I was of the opinion that we donot know currently that they can feel. The day we will realize, it will be a big change.

Scientists have found some proof to ability of plants to use sense of smell recently. Read about it here.

End of the day, it is individual thinking of whether to be a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It is ok by me to be either of them. If you are neither of them, you will reduce the load to mother earth soon !!

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Saravanan said...

Prakash, I agree with you, of course plants have life...only if something has life it grows, right?

When it is cut of course it reacts, for example cactus tree? When you cut the tree, it oozes out a white liquid :) Though it doesnt make any sound like animals still it reacts.

Opinions does matter :) what say?

But then people might say that we are not eating Cactus tree :P Well cutting a plant will stop its growth, its ability to multiply...

But again people might say that if they are not cut they will go wasted...

Exactly...the point I wanted to make :))