Sunday, November 19, 2006

Moving to Linux

I switched to Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy). I removed Suse linux. This version is good as it has less startup time than the 6.0.6 version. It comes up very quick.

I had some initial trouble with wireless. It was not getting a inet(4) address. Everything got automatically detected as wpa_supplicant package which supports WEP and other encryption is installed. My drivers - ieee80211 , ipw2200 were also pre-installed. I had to change the /etc/network/interfaces to add the inet entry. Then everything was just fine.

I am trying to make linux as my primary o/s. I have not booted into windows from wednesday.

I will still be having windows and will be using it. The main reason for the switch is due to windows xp being very slow on my laptop. I have removed the unnecessary stuff from startup but it never comes up soon. So decided to switch to using ubuntu as it starts up in no time. Everything is running just fine.

I got Amarok, a mp3 player for linux. It has one problem, it does not scan the directories and ignore non-mp3 files in the directories. Instead it aborts the scan. I had to scan my songs directories and exclude the directories with .rm songs and replace it in the config of amarok for it to start playing my songs. It is like iTunes - filter as you type , smart playlists , etc.. I like it.

I got other tools - Realplayer, azureus , multi language support (telugu typing) , vlc , citrix ica client (to connect to office) , djview and picasa. Firefox , Evolution , Gaim , Open office are pre-installed. I am fully setup.

I also installed reiserfstools so that i can access my linux files from windows. Now i can read linux files in windows and read windows files in linux.

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