Sunday, November 12, 2006

What's happening ?

It has just been over 2 weeks since i posted.

I went to egypt over the last weekend with Naga and Sridhar. We had a great time there. Just was wonder struck by the sheer hugeness of the structures which they created in those very ancient times. I have better understanding of egyptian history now. I came back from egypt trip this monday. I was busy with office stuff before i went to egypt and after i came back. I will write a separate post on my egypt trip.

Also my car driving is coming along good. I am going on longer drives during night - troodos and towards agros , korium and during day - pradeep's place and also to Pine tree. It is nice to drive for not too long distances. Not climing up and also not too long. I am not used to driving at all. It took me two years to get out of my lethargy. But am enjoying it fully. Being able to drive gives me too much of flexibility and no need to depend. That is the best part of it.
I also applied for the driving test and my test is on Feb 5th. Hopefully i will clear it.

Yesterday we went to Pine tree where Naga hosted his farewell lunch before relocating to Finland. Nice indian food. The lassi and the pakoras were very good. Full telugu gang + his colleagues at work. There are many families in the telugu gang.

When we started to sit for lunch, the whole group got separated into bachelors , married males , all females separately sitting like our traditional gatherings - Gents and Females separately. Why did we not all just sit together ? Donno it just got aligned like that !! All this was just the telugu gang. Then Naga's manager and his wife came in. We were waiting to see if the couple will sit separately. They had their son as well with them. They were in dilemna for some time. Finally they decided to sit together , later they formed the colleagues table.

After the heavy lunch, we all dropped by korium beach and played some beach golf using wooden stick and golf ball. Whoever put the ball in the hole in less number of shots - was rewarded nicely - good bumps. The husbands got kicked royally when wives put the ball in the hole in less shots. It was fun.

We played edu penkula aata (i dont know what to call it in english - It is played with seven pebbles arranged one on top of the other. There are two teams. One team strikes the pebbles first with the ball and then their job is to rearrange the pebbles without any one of them being hit by the ball below the knees).

Then it was time for Sun god to go to the other side and we saw the beautiful sunset from the beach. It is always nice. I have not seen a sunrise from any beach in cyprus. I will do it soon.

After that, I drove back home and watched a hindi movie.

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Skely said...

I am also learning to drive here... only that i am still not comfortable with it... hopefully will be soon one day..