Sunday, December 03, 2006

Thoughts of my brain

I saw the movie - Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind. I liked it so much. It introduced a new concept - Erasing memory. That got some thoughts in my brain .....

In near future, we would have decoded the brain. The information in the brain can be extracted out any time and may be burnt to a storage device. We will not need lie detectors. Donno how much storage will we need for each brain. May be we will be able to transfer the data to another new brain and have a brain transplant.

Or By then we will already be regenarating organs from stem cells, then we will create a new body with replacing the old brain. If the brain dies, then the information is transferred to a new functional brain (may be transplant or we will create a whole new body) , then the person is as alive as before.

People can go to a freeze state. Their body can be disposed off. People can come back to life by loading the information into an empty brain and a new body.

But if such things happen, people will never die and there will be a population issue and natural resources will not be enough. We will survive on pills which are artificially generated as we will not have enough natural resources left on the planet to feed us.

Will we also venture into a completely virtual life ? How about living a life in a virtual world like Matrix showed us ?

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