Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy week

It has been a busy week. We had a big project delivery to make and we made it in time. It look long hours though.

I forgot about Rajiv's birthday during the time. I was thinking last week that Dec 6th is little faraway. I logged into yahoo mail on Dec 7th and saw that bijesh had sent a mail with "rajivs marriage" in subject line. i was surprised and saw the calendar , oops .. i forgot about rajiv's marriage.

I completely forgot about it. I saw the pictures which were taken from Bijesh's mobile. Skely, Bijesh, DD and Madan attended the marriage (not sure about others). Rajiv also sang the "Auto" song .. It brought back lot of memories - 4 years back in memory lane. Oracle provided us stay in JP Nagar (6th phase 15th cross) guest house during our first month. We used to get ready in the morning and then have nice breakfast and then wait to catch an auto to go to office. Sometimes it is busy and the wait was longer. Rajiv created and used to sing this song while waiting.

I should start using some kind of reminder so that i dont forget important things. My brain cannot handle too many things at the same time !!


Biju said...

so u want a bigger brain now? :-o

Chells said...

reminders... sometimes they are never enough.

Back in college, I used to maintain a diary every year. It used to my handy reminder system. in the beginning of the year, I would note down all the birthdays of my friends and family.

Then every night, when I note down the day's events, I would notice some birthday coming along and I could prepare myself for it.

PS: this system is useless, unless you work with the diary every single day!