Monday, January 08, 2007

Be on time

I was travelling to Vancouver from cyprus on tuesday night. My flight was at 3:30 in the night. I called for the taxi to take me to airport at 12:30. I took a small nap at 11 to wake up at 12 and was getting ready. The cab came at 12:20. He gave me a call to let me know that he has arrived. I thought i will be ready soon as i just had to wash my face and put some stuff in my suitcase. but by the time, i came out till 12:40.

The taxi driver was fully mad at me. He woke up at the night just to drop at me and maintained that i did not show even little concern to be on time. Very very bad of me.

I generally am on time but 10 minutes was too much. I always try to reach exactly on time. I will try to be may be 5-10 minutes earlier and keep buffer for delays so that i will still make it on time. Need to practise it.

Something similar happened again yesterday. I was to meet up with Stefan at 9:10 outside waterfront station. I took the skytrain and reached at waterfront station at 9:05. I had 5 minutes to get out. But i ended up on another street while stefan was waiting for me at the bus stop right outside the station. So it took me additional 10 minutes to meet up with him. Better planning and reaching a little ahead would have been nice. Poor guy he was waiting for me from 8:55 ... i should have started early.

Be on time and have buffer....

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