Monday, January 08, 2007

Google Reader Trends

Google reader has trends now similar to search trends. It shows reading trends (% read items) and subscription trends (new items per day and most/least active). The interesting thing for me was my reading habits. It shows the number of items (as bar graph) read in last 30 days , time of day , day of the week. I read most of the items during evening and late evening.

I tend to use the "All Items" view vs going through individual blogs. I still have sizeable number of blogs which i have subscribed to. So i read through all the items. Some i just skip (scroll thru ). If i am out for two/three days, i resort to reading the individual feeds and marking the rest as read. Currently reading trends shows near 100% items being read for me which does not reflect the exact % of items read by me.
I don't like to have unread items in my mailbox either unless it is waiting for my attention. Same habit here as well while i am trying to read. So scroll thru everything and mark as read.

My bookmarks feed is the topper on my inactive feeds list. I have never bookmarked anything on it so it is the most inactive :)

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