Monday, January 08, 2007

In Vancouver again

I am back in vancouver. I have spent significant time in vancouver. Nice to be back in canada.

My journey was good. I transited via frankfurt. I had some 6-7 hours of transit time in frankfurt. So i had taken some books from santhosh to read in the flight. I started to read "Cat o nine tales". It is a short story collection. It is a nice, small light reading book. I was good time pass. I read books not so often and this time i completed it in one journey .. it is good considering my reading habits.

I read slow .. may be few pages a day.. as soon as i start to read a few pages, i go to sleep. Still a very effective technique to go to sleep. I started to read the "chamber of secrets" - harry potter book and it is a pretty small book .. ~300 pages i guess. I read it for months reading a few pages a day. Finally i sat thru one night and completed it in one night !!

Coming back to my flight journery, i was served "still water" on the flight. When i asked the flight attendant to give me water, he asked me which one i wanted - "still water" or "sparkling water" (soda). It sounded familiar. I answered "still water". In cyprus office, we have a vending machine in cafeteria where we have lunch which had one outlet marked "still water". I used to think it is "still" water (meaning simply water) and not in the literal sense of "still" water (water being still). Now only when the attendant posed the question to me did i really understand the meaning !!

I reached vancouver and the climate was cloudy and it was cold outside. I reached my hotel - holiday inn in metrotown. I was not happy that my company did not put me in hilton which is more close to office. But when i entered my room in holiday inn, I liked the hotel room. It had all i needed - decent room , internet , breakfast. Also a oven and fridge completed my needs. I dont need a full kitchen. Just happy with my room.

I am in vancouver for a month. I have tried the food in many indian restaurants in vancouver. So i am planning to do some cooking this time with my microwave oven. Let us see how it goes. I will start with just making plain rice and get the curry from a take-away.

Last time, i made soup in a coffee mug .. It came out good. This time i am more equipped. I went to dollarama store and bought some bowls,plates and spoons. I need to get rice and salt and spices.

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