Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year

Welcome to 2007 .. bye bye 2006 ...

2006 has been an interesting year .. i learnt skiing and i also learnt driving and did kinda irregular blogging.. i have had more personal time for myself. Been doing a lot of reading on the internet. I dont read so many books - i finally am about to complete "The Fountain Head" ..
I got a promotion at the office. Changed team .. Saw the pyramids and egyptian monuments ..

It is already a brand new year .. any resolutions ? thinking ..
i generally dont make resolutions ... as i never end up completing them .. still with more determination, i wanted to jot down somethings which i want to get done this year ... Writing it down someplace will be more motivating and more reminding.

1) Get a drivers license - yes i dont have a drivers license for any vehicle .. i can drive a bike .. i can drive a car (recently been practicing more) .. i have my test in cyprus on march 2007. I should pass it and get a license to drive.

2) Keeping the net version of me more uptodate - Possible .. but need to get out of laziness and be more active .. I need to get my photos and blog updated regularly.

3) Get out of cyprus before 2008 .. i need a change .. this one i am not sure. I have to start seriously working on it.

4) Get in shape - I wanted to join a gym last year (2006 beginning) .. never went .. after i come back from vancouver, i will join a gym. Joining is the big part. After that i will be regular !!

5) Learn swimming - i started off to learn swimming and dropped after a month. The instructor told me to flap my feet harder in water .. i was just getting too exhausted .. The classes did surely help me .. i can swim for around 30 seconds (not enough to survive!!) .. Sudden panic does not set in any more..

Let us see how i manage to complete the resolutions .. i will keep posting if i do make some progress.


Skely said...

Get in shape --? are you talking horizontally or vertically?

Prakash Swaminathan said...

vertically is not possible i guess. I meant sizing up horizontally.