Sunday, December 17, 2006

Active Weekend

Generally my weekends are lazy. I end up waking up late and spend most of my time on the internet and some movies. Also i do get online and talk to friends back home.

This weekend was different. On saturday evening, we went to bowling. I went to bowling for the first time in cyprus. It was very good. It was a team event. I improved on my earlier bowling score of 58. This time i made 83+ (77 and 65 as well). I also got two X's in one game. In our team, we had Amol who was the "straight" hitter, he can throw the ball in a perfect straight line. Srinivas tried to experiment by attempting to make the ball spin. There were professionals practicing in the lane next to us. So i guess it influenced him.
All you need to get all the pins (most of them atleast) is hit straight and hit the first pin at an angle (to the right) and with force. Will this work all the time ? :-)

From bowling, i dropped my friends home and then i went on to see Germasogia dam in the night. I was just following the signs. Mostly that should do. I came to a place where there was a diversion. I took the diversion to "germasogia dam nature trail" and went over a bridge which was on top of a valley. I felt i was crossing a connector between two mountains as i could see village lights below down. My visibility was low as i just had the car lights to guide me :-). May be sometime i will see what i went on in daylight.
It was very dark and i felt a little scared. I took a U turn and was back on the old road. I started to go straight and eventually reached Akrounta village. Roamed around the empty streets and then i was back on my way.

Today i got up at 12 (see already half of sunday is over). I was about to go to take bath and Puneeth called , he had a plan to go trekking in omodos. We joined Rajaram and Vidya on the way. It is on way to the Troodos mountains. It is a village famous for its wineries and Monastery of Holy Cross. We went to the village square and started with the visit of the Holy Cross Monastery. Once inside, it was very calm - pin drop silence. It was artistic and the only sound we could hear was the ticking of a pendulum clock. We came out and were walking through the streets. Most of the shops were closed as it was sunday. We were invited to see a Traditional House. The owner of the house was a old man who has great grand children and he had photos of his great great grand mother. So we were seeing literally seven generations !! He showed us how they used to make wine before and now. We bought an handmade embroidered pipiles (narrow knit lace). We also saw the Linos,mill for pressing the grapes. It was interesting tour of the village.

The old houses were built with stones which were put one on top of the other (lime stone i think) glued with some kind of mortar. We went back to the square and had some hot chocolate. Then we started off to Milomeri falls. Puneeth was interested in doing trekking. We took a nature trail to Milomeri falls. It was a nice trek (1.3 kms). We reached the falls and i wanted to do some mountain climbing. So i started to climb, sujatha also joined. We went up and up. It is not too high may be three floors high. Once we reached the top, it was nice. We reached up fine, now we have to get down. Getting down was not so easy , the rocks did not provide enough and after few slips here and there , and rolling down a lot of rocks (small ones) , we reached down safely. Then we joined to have godhuma (wheat florur) dosa (crepe) and pulihora rice made by Anupama (puneeth's wife).

By this time, it was getting more colder and slightly dark and we started back. It was a quick long journey back as it was getting dark. We reached the place where we started and started feeling more warmer after nice refreshing walking exercise.
Check some snaps on flickr.

It was a nicely spent weekend. Kaash many weekends is active !!

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Chells said...

Lovely pictures, did u get the monday blues? whenever I go for a long trip and come back, I'd wish the trip never ended.