Monday, January 08, 2007

Skiing over the weekend at Mt. Seymour

On Friday, we had good snowfall in vancouver. This means lot of fresh snow to ski over the weekend. On saturday morning, i woke up and saw that sun was there. It was not cloudy. Very good conditions for skiing.

Stefan and I wanted to go to cypress mountain to ski. It has more trails and also longer ones than seymour. But as we were going to the resort, we were waiting in a long queue and saw a lot of cars returning indicating the crowd level and we turned back and headed to seymour. In Seymour also, there was long queue but the wait was not that much. This is where i learnt skiing last winter.

It was good to be back on home ground. Lot of fresh snow to ski on. I am in semi intermediate stage and i ski on green runs currently. Unknowingly sometimes i end up on a blue.

I was more confident this time and i improved more. Skiing on fresh snow is more enjoyable than on screeching ice. Sometimes it is still kind of uncontrollable if i pick up too much of speed. Going uphill then reduces the speed and i continue down again. It was so much fun.

At one point, i skied down and wanted to return to another path. So took off my skies and started to walk. Suddenly my leg sinked into the snow. I was knee deep in snow. As the boots were heavy and snow was soft, it did not give me enough support to stand on. I ended up crawling as each step was sinking in till i reached the trail path. It is hard to keep walking if it keeps sinking and you continue hitting your leg against the snow when you try to move.

The same thing happened while we were returning back to Stefan's car. We did not exit properly out of the parking lot and entered the toboggan area. We continued on the edges and snow was soft as well. This time when i took the steps , my whole leg was going in. We managed to slide through some distance and finally reached out of it and headed towards his car and back to the city.

It was an interesting day. I enjoyed every bit of it. After coming to hotel, i felt completely tired and my body was aching. Hopefully i will ski the rest of the weekends here in vancouver. Let's see how it goes.

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