Monday, January 08, 2007

Snow and Skiing - First time

Brought up in guntur in Andhra pradesh, i never saw snow in my entire life till i came to cyprus. I first saw snow when santhosh and i went on a drive to troodos in night in beginning of second week of november 2004. We went to troodos city square and observed a round white ball (cotton ?) on the road. We moved on and saw something white on either side of the road. We were not expecting see snow. We stopped to see what it was. The ball was actually snow ball. It was snow on either side of the road. It was very exciting to feel it. We made some small snow balls and threw them. It was very nice.

I always liked the white snow. Snow covered mountains and trees look just too beautiful.

Next time i saw snow was in troodos in cyprus in jan 2005. This time we saw lot of snow. We took a sledge and came down too fast and missed a tree but ended up with a fully wet jeans. Some of the friends made a snow man. Also we rented skis. Payal put on the skis initially and made an attempt to ski and gave up. Then i put on the skis first time in my life. I did not take any classes or did not go on any rides. I watched small kids take the chairlift to the top of the mountain and ski down. I was amazed. I knew nothing about skiing - did not how to stop or how to turn or anything. I knew just the fact that you go down when you are on the skis and you are at a height - simple right. I only know that skis let you slide down on snow.

Santhosh(San) and i were on skis. We were a little away from the chairlift. I carried the skis uphill to a place where it is flat (around a tree) and put on the skis and then slide down. I slide down for may be 30 seconds and then i reached end of snow and slowed down and stopped. San helped me to stop sometimes. I did not know how to stop. I did not fall down i guess. I continued the same routine - carry skis up and put them on and slide down and again. It was fun and skis were heavy and walking with the boots was difficult. Still i managed it. I enjoyed it thoroughly. San was better - he carried the skis lot higher than i was going to and was able to stop by himself.

(Do i look like trying to ski in the snap ? haha .. )

After sometime, it started to snow and visibility was reducing and we went back to our friends. That was my first skiing experience.

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