Monday, January 08, 2007

Weather this winter

This winter has been somewhat different. In Europe, the winter is mild and very less snow in ski resorts across europe. In cyprus, there is no snow till now. Hopefully it will be full of snow by the time i return back in february from vancouver. I will try "proper" skiing in cyprus.

In America, it is all reverse this winter. New york and toronto are experiencing pleasant summer kind of temperature - 10-15 degrees centigrade. Montreal recorded its highest winter temperature after 1946.

Denver is having lot of snow storms and my team lead is doing a lot of shoveling these days trying to clear up the snow. As he works from home, he does not have to drive the car to work.

In vancouver, it is not so cold generally. In winter, generally it keeps drizzling and cloudy weather throughout. This winter has been different. There were heavy rains and it caused lot of mud slides and contamination of drinking water. It also snowed more in vancouver - in vancouver city, it rarely rarely snows.

I came to vancouver on wednesday and on thursday night, it snowed a lot. The city was fully white and it was very beautiful to watch in the morning. I enjoyed my 7 minute bus ride to office from metrotown station. All trees fully covered with snow and in park, all grass was covered with a layer of snow. The pavemenets were full of snow. The roads were cleaned and vehicular traffic ensured that the roads are wet with melting snow. It is more cold these days.

I took two snaps of how it looked in the morning right outside my room window. I wanted to take a walk later in the day to enjoy the snowfall but could not make it. I did walk down to hotel from work in the evening. The footpath was full of snow and my shoes were wet when i came back to hotel. It was becoming more warm and snow started to melt down.

The good thing is it brought fresh snow for skiing.

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