Thursday, February 15, 2007

-1 unread messages !!

I switched to Yahoo mail beta some time back. I did some organization of mails and oops - i have -1 unread messages in my mail box. Negative unread messages !! looks like an inconsistent state to me ..

Take a look at the screenshot (the account info has been blackened purposefully)

There are other small issues which i noticed as well ..
1) once my session is restored in firefox, i am forwarded to a url - - which leads to 404 - page not found. i guess it shud have been india
2) It keeps returning back to login page even if i give my right password - this is kinda strange

It is still in beta and all these will be fixed. I love new yahoo mail as it has autoload feature and easier access to mail features.


Biju said...

how would you compare it to gmail?

Prakash Swaminathan said...

I like gmail more than yahoo mail. I feel gmail is lot more simpler to use and lighter interface than yahoo mail.
Gmail has conversations. The "News" thread would have been grouped under one conversation instead of 17 messages.
Gmail has labels and it makes organizing a little more easier as a conversation can be marked multiple labels.
In Yahoo also now you can search anything like in gmail so it does not really matter where the email is (which folder or which label).
Gmail has chat in the mail interface. Now yahoo mail also has chat inside the mail interface. I am yet to use it though.

My personal choice is gmail.

Gandhi said...

CP da - visit here when u get time

calyen said...

this bug is reported already there has been some discussion and must get fixed soon.

i like gmail too,but ymail isnt standing behind.