Sunday, March 11, 2007

'Un'licensed driver

I started to drive in cyprus from november. I applied for my driving license test and got date in february. i got it postponed as i went to canada during that time.

I gave my license test this week. I did all my preparation well. But during the test which lasted for 40 mins, i touched the pavement while doing parallel parking. I forgot to lower my side mirrors which i use to exactly see where i am while i reverse in left and hence ended up going too close to pavement and eventually touched it. The examiner told me politely that i did not pass the test this time and i should apply for test again.

So my second attempt at getting license has been a failure. Right now i am a lot more confident in driving than i used to be. Let's see in which country i will get my driving license !!

I still have to be more cautious while driving. Tonight i entered roundabout without looking properly on the sides. I could have got hit. Big mistake.

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