Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Talking to an old colleague

Christopher and I used to work together on oracle files and content management sdk projects while i was in oracle. I had met his wife lakshmi while i visited san francisco. We all went to dinner on a day when it became dark at around 930 in the night and also i remember having rice wine as per the hosts wishes.

It has been around 2.5 years since i left oracle. I wanted to contact him by email for quite sometime but never wrote any mail (lazy). Today in the evening, i started to write a mail to him to get back in touch with him. When i googled for his name, desktop search also returned a result. I opened it and found his phone number (thought i had lost it). I had taken it from debu a long time ago to give him a call. Instead of the mail, i gave a call. A familiar voice responded on the other end. He also remembered me instantly when he heard my name. It was a nice surprise to him.

We talked for a while before he got on with his work (it was evening my time which was morning his time). It was nice talking to him after a long gap. i will visit him if i visit the bay area in near future.

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