Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back to cyprus

I came back to cyprus from my nice short vacation two weeks back. I spent good time with my family and friends. I had a very nice time with my annan's kids. Had a nice darshan of Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala. Been to my native place and visited my grand fathers and temples near by.
I got less time to spend with my friends than i did last time when i was in india.
Had nice muttai and kothu parotas while i was there.

Yesterday i had invited friends over for dinner. It was farewell dinner to Ravi who is going back to india permanently from cyprus. I made dosa. The dosas came out very well - thin crispy. We had a nice dinner and a chat on the terrace.

We planned to sleep on the terrace some time during this summer. The climate in cyprus is still cold in evenings with occasional showers over the weekend. I still remember the few times in college when i used to sleep on the terrace and the chats staring at the sky.

I attended a greek reception over the weekend. A indian colleague got married to a greek lady here. It was cool. The reception was pretty much same as it is in india. Come, greet, gift , eat , socialize and leave. Here people (99%) gift money so that the couple can spend it the way they want. The extension to an indian reception wud be that the couple and close relatives would remain after the guests leave and there will be dancing till late in the night.

Other than that back to routine life.

I am yet to upload the photos from my various trips. I will be doing them soon. (god only knows when is 'soon' coming !!)

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